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    Wudang Kung Fu - Wudang Mountain, Wudang Taiji, Bagua Palm, Xingyi Boxing,Qigong,Wudang Songxi Forms,weapons and Taoist medicines.Welcome to Wudang Daoyuan Internal Kungfu Academy --the dwelling of immortality !
    Wudang Daoyuan internal kung fu academy,a 2-story  traditional Chinese rectangular courtyard with green glazed tiles, is situated at the entrance to Xiaoyao Gu(Carefree valley or Monkey Valley),which is a pure natural picturesque landscape with Sword river flowing through and monkeys everywhere. Daoyuan Academy is close to Prince Temple,Dragon spring Temple,Live avenue of Karate kid 2012 and  Yuxu Crag >>>More

 Wudang Songxi Pai(school)
 Techniques of Bagua Fighting
 What is Bagua
 Taiji Push hand
 A brief history of Tai Chi
 Summary of Tai Chi
 Tai Chi Chuan
 what is taichi
 Wudang Xuanwu Pai

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kungfu performance wudang daoyuan taiji kung fu corps is made up of the elite practitioners of the wudang daoyuan internal kung fu academy, who are excellent at kung fu and enjoy a high reputation  >>details


master  dispatchment

we have excellent taoist masters with outstanding internal martial arts levels as well as rich acquisitions on health preservation,taoist culture and qigong systerms. >>detail



 open a wudang center

want to open a wudang center at your own country in convenience for local people to enjoy genuine wudang arts ,want to go for a career >>detail


 overseas tour teaching

in 2013 we will travel to different countries and cities to teach wudang songxi forms and let more kungfu lovers get to know this mysterious and old school experiencing special songxi forms. >>detail


 taoist music performance taoist music is the music used by taoists when they hold the fasting and jiao ceremonies, celebrate the birthdays of gods, pray for good fortune, subdue >>detail


 wudang taoist tea

 originated from wudang mountain, world-famous taoist sacred place as well as one of the world heritages. >>detail  Mobile:(0086)155 4999 1800  

Address:Wudang Mountain,Shiyan,China.   Email: